A Handful of Tips to Beef Up Your Email Marketing Game

The advent and proliferation of the internet have thoroughly rewired the status quo of how businesses conduct business. In the past, businesses marketed their products, services, and brands through billboards, newspapers, magazines, flyers, and other analog means of spreading messages to consumers. Today, more marketing is done through the internet than through traditional means. This proportion will continue to swing in favor of web-based marketing. 
As of April 2016, the most popular marketing channel across the United States was companies' web pages. A reported 84 percent of survey respondents claimed to use their commercial website as a means of marketing messages to consumers. Social media finished in second place at 78 percent. 

Print advertising came in third place at a reported 65 percent of survey respondents. Email finished fourth with a share of 60 percent of respondents reporting that they use electronic mail as a channel to market offers, educational content, and other messages to consumers. 

Statistics from March 2017 indicate that just under half of all businesses in the United States planned on allocating more money to their email marketing budgets in the coming fiscal year. 

Every business, marketing consultant, and the individual has their own toolbox of tips, tricks, and strategies they use to get more value from their email marketing efforts. While many of these figurative toolboxes are unique, most of them likely contain a few basic strategies that everyone can use. Check out these email list strategies from DatabaseUSA.com® to consistently craft high-quality, popular email marketing campaigns: 

1. What do you want from recipients? Clarify the outcomes that you desire from consumers.

Every proper piece of persuasive writing or speech contains a call-to-action. These calls are nothing more than requests that ask recipients or listeners to take some sort of action that would benefit the company. 

Make sure to keep your call-to-action short and sweet. Ideally, you should be able to squeeze in your call-to-action above the fold, which means that recipients should not have to scroll down to view the call-to-action. This way, the favors you ask from potential customers aren't hidden and are more likely to be understood by recipients. 

2. Never expect consumers on your mailing list to read novels or short stories.

While some email recipients actually enjoy reading long marketing emails, virtually all customers don't even bother reading emails that appear to have too much content to browse over in a few seconds. 

As such, you should always aim to write short, clear, and concise marketing emails if you want your potential customers to actually read them. 

3. Stay away from popular advertising phrases

Consumers are people. As such, they enjoy being treated like people. People typically don't throw phrases like save big or call us today into their interpersonal conversations. 
Try your best to stay away from such words and phrases if you want your email marketing campaign recipients to look forward to your company's emails. 

4. Never assume that just one email marketing campaign is sufficient

While it's never a good idea to bombard the prospects on your e-mail lists with countless email marketing campaigns, you should always think of new campaign ideas and run them by your recipients every few days. Consistency is key when it comes to succeeding in email marketing.

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