How to Choose the Best Health Insurance Policy India

In contemporary times, health insurance is an indispensable part of life and selecting a proper insurance plan is even more crucial.  

Although the presence of myriad insurance companies in the market presents you with lots of options to choose from it can also be confusing at times. Hence, it becomes imperative on your part to check the benefits, terms, and conditions of the policy before you actually buy one.  
Best Health Insurance Policy India
In this process, you are bound to have the realization that the selection of the best health insurance policy India is a customized affair that is based on your unique requirements.Yes, the price of the plan is important, and it should be considered. However, it cannot be the sole criterion for choosing the right health insurance. 

The basic health insurance plans provide coverage of hospitalization costs, diagnostic costs, consultancy, and tests.  While short listing insurance policies, you will come across several plans that will be having similar kind of benefits. 

Opting for the most economical plan may not be the right course of action. There has to be some difference with respect to coverage, cost, terms, and conditions along with expenditure limits that may vary for each company.  

The ideal approach that you need to encompass hinges on a detailed examination of the essential features inclusive of affordability factors like annual premium. By virtue of a comprehensive examination of these factors, you should make your final purchase decision. 

Coverage, terms, cost, and expenditure limits tend to vary for each company

First, you need to ascertain the total coverage amount that will put you and your family in a safe position. You need to identify your needs and chalk out what you and exclude in a medical exigency. Medical insurance is about not only you but also all those who are dependent on you especially your immediate family members. 

Once you have sorted these things out the final step involves a comparison of the best available options. A comparative analysis of different plans available in the market will enlighten you on the insurance offerings of various companies and make a well-informed decision. 

In the process of Buy Insurance Policy Online you have to ascertain the following points while comparing and searching for the policies. 
The upper age limit of policy cover

Contemporary insurance companies do have policies that offer lifetime coverage while there are also the ones that cover you to a certain age limit. However, most of the companies having medical test requirement after a certain age e.g. some companies don’t ask for medical test unto 50 years, but some ask for after 40 years. 

Moreover, there is an upper limit of age, beyond which you become ineligible for enrolling in a new health insurance plan. Insurance companies may not accept your proposal if you have crossed this age even after health checkup. The maximum cover up age tends to vary.

Consider the policy sub limits

Generally, health insurance policies cover hospitalization charges, consultancy fees, diagnostic tests, medication, ambulance costs, and room rent. However, there may be a sub limit for each reimbursement.  

The sub-limits could be a fixed amount or a percentage of the total sum that has been assured. It is very important to consider the sub-limits taking into account the location of your residence and its distance from your preferred hospitals that you intend to visit.

Identify what is not covered

You need to be careful, as the policy that you intend to purchase may not cover certain medical conditions. Polices may have time bounds and there could be some diseases that are permanently excluded.

For instance, a policy may not offer cover for maternity and pregnancy-related treatments. Further, there could be ailments like a hernia and cataract surgery that will not be covered during the first year of the insurance.  You need to identify such clauses in the policy and make a selection that best suits your needs. 

Waiting Periods

The cover of health insurance plans comes into enforcement after a minimum waiting period of 30 days. Until then, only accident-related medical conditions are covered. For some companies, the waiting period can be even more.  

This apart, there are other kinds of illnesses for which your policy is not going to provide a cover during the first two years implying that you may have to wait for up to 4 years to receive the cover of pre-existing illness.  You need to check about the waiting period for various situations.

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