Recruiters are important as they are responsible for hiring candidates. They are the most important part of every organization, as they bring cream layered candidates into the organization and create work culture for the company. They are also involved in screening of resumes to call deserving candidates.They also work with hiring managers so as to develop plans and write descriptions of jobs. And if you are looking for jobs in Selangor then you need to be aware of interview tips. As most of the job seeker’s favorite destination is Malaysia, hence jobs for recruiters are in ample amount.  


  • There are various responsibilities of a recruiter. They are also referred as HR professionals. Some of the roles areas follows:
  • An HR is usually responsible for recruiting staff for the organization. You may also be required to contribute to space planning.
  • A key responsibility for a Human Resources Generalist is the personal and professional development of the organization’s personnel, which involves employee orientation, development and training.
  • Staying updated on the company’s organization structure, policies, and various state laws for the benefit of organization.
  • Conducting interviews of both for the entry and exit of the employers.

Following up after the interview for status.

Educational requirements to become a recruiter

Minimum education required to work as a HR recruiter is bachelor’s degree. While there are candidates who pursue master's to broaden their job prospects. Candidates with MBA degree and specialization in HR are given preference.Experienced candidates are given preference over the rest.

After learning about the duties, you must be eager to know about the salary structure. Salary offered to the HR recruiters is attractive, but doing jobs in Selangor, multiplies your benefits. Salary of an HR recruiter in Selangor ranges between RM 19400-24500 in a month.

Benefits of working in Selangor
  • There are large numbersof employment opportunities in Selangor, Malaysia and the cost of living is relatively low as compared to other countries.
  • Malaysia has excellent and wide range of health care facilities and there are many international schools as well if you want to settle down in Selangor. 
  • Pleasant environment along with attractive salary packageto live which again attracts expats from all around the world.

How to get a job?

If you are looking for a job in Selangor, then you need to fulfill the criteria to get hired by a company.It doesn’t matter whether you are resident of the city or an expats, you must be eligible to apply for the jobs. You must be qualified and need to have work permit in case you area an expat.After getting education you can start looking for the jobs. There are various ways via which you can get a job in the desired sector. Using combination of method reduces the time of getting a job in the desired sector. You can register on various job portals and then complete your profile so that employers can find you depending upon your qualification and skills. 

You can also search the local classified section of your newspaper where current openings are mentioned, accordingly you can apply. LinkedIn is also helping large number of candidates and employers as well. And this platform is actually helping candidates getting recruited by top employers. There are some other important points as well which you need to take care, like interview tips and many more. Monster Malaysia is one of the leading sites where you will find solution to your entire problem and get jobs in Selangor.

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