Learn and Earn

Every millennial is busy interning at a multitude of workplaces trying to enhance their skills, grasp, learn and get wider opportunities for their future. While trying to select the appropriate internship for oneself one has to go through extensive research about what field to intern in, where to intern to put
their skills to use and sculpt their raw talent in the best possible manner. 
Learn and Earn

There are various factors one takes into account while considering an internship but the amount of stipend received certainly takes the upper hand while choosing between various platforms that offer internships. Usually it is noticed that college students prefer paid internships instead of unpaid ones. 

Everybody eventually gives in to the temptation of adding some extra bucks to their kitty. Also, receiving something in return of the work and effort you put into a job, provides a positive reinforcement and motivates the intern to work harder. Internships are great way to build strong networks and get an insight into the corporate culture one only gets to read about in theory. Internships elucidates what our dream job has in store for us and whether or not actually working for it interests us as much as we thought it would.

The dilemma that has caused a stir in the entire job market is which is a better place to intern at start-up or brand names? A start up obviously, has shortage of funds and cannot ordinarily allocate large amount of funds to pay their interns, but they compensate this with flexible work hours, providing interns the liberty to engage more in the organisation. 

Brand names are a great way to pad your resume, they have a structured work ethic, have a fixed hierarchy and their course structure and pay scale for interns is also usually fixed. But all these notions aren’t set in stone, it may so happen that you get a better pay at a start-up than a brand name. All of it boils down to the amount of knowledge you’re able to derive from the work.

The internships that we do sometimes are longer than our break time and we have to juggle between work and the long college hours. And as our employer is paying us, he expects the same amount of work as we did during our break. The key to handle both is time management.
  1. Set your priorities straight.
  2. Pick a job with flexible work timings.
  3. Your boss should be aware of your finals or exams and ask for a day off in advance.
  4. Make sure your workplace is not very far from your college, travelling can be gruelling and will have adverse effects on your efficiency both at college and work.
  5. Work according to a pre-planned schedule.

Internships can be hard but the valuable experience that we derive out of them is sure to be beneficial to us in the long run and that makes them worth the strain.

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