How To Write The Perfect Client Proposal For Your Digital Marketing Company?

Competition is rife in every industry. The Consumer has always remained the King, and he/she will be forever. Are you running a digital marketing company? And have the revenues gone down? If so, kindly have a view at this article. You can get a valuable point or two. 

Digital Marketing Company

Yes, digital marketing is the hot topic today. Every business, right from small to medium to large business hire content writers, seo experts and digital marketing specialists. To ensure that their product/service reaches the public at the most. The popularity of digital marketing touched the brim. The reason - many people opted for online purchases. Now, every company worth its value is trying to break into the internet to garner more number of loyal customers. As per the popular magazine, Forbes, nearly 82 percent of the customers do research online for various purposes. And the tip, nearly 79 percent end up making a purchase online. Impulsive shopping. 

So, what is the best step taken by companies to reach the greatest number of consumers? Digital Marketing. So, do you own a digital marketing company in Pune? Aren’t you getting good customers off late? Then kindly check if there is a mistake in the proposals. There are two ways the industry works. Either you approach a company and ask for proposal to make their business come atop. Or they intimate you for their outsourcing the tasks on contract basis. 

You have a digital marketing company. Your team makes the calls, informs the prospective buyers about the achievements and mails the proposals. But there has been no favorable response in the last two months. In a similar situation, check the rate of refusal. If it is more than 50 percent, then there are definitely challenges with the design of the proposal.

1. The Same Template

There are many freshers who did not get jobs, because they sent the same resume to all the companies. Similar with companies who want to get prospective clients. Please note the fact, that for every company, the requirements vary. And you have to change the digital marketing proposal as per their needs. But what has happened? You are, no doubt, a experienced digital marketer. Yet, when your company grew, you hired a B2B executive. And for the past two months, he changed the name, percentage and sent the same template to all the companies. 

So, you find out the mistake and then give him advice. For example, he has sent the same template to a company which has already run the PPC program successfully. It is no point sending the company strategy for PPC. The proposal to be sent should focus on other avenues to ramp up the business. Then maybe, you could have got the coveted “YES.”

There will be always two stages in getting the deal. The first one, when you send the tips on how digital marketing will help their business. You have checked their details, such as the website, company, their product/service and sent a general form. You should include key points that differentiate from the competitors. Yet, do not elaborate too much on points. So how do you do this job?

Spend time on the total whereabouts of the business. Get every details about the USP.

Check their competitors. And their success rate. Can you make a difference? Will you be able to present it in a way that can attract the top management of the company? Then, you may get the cheque for an undisclosed amount. 

Mistake 2: Do Not Include More Information

Solution: Make bullet points. Present the topics in proper order

There are two dangers about possessing good knowledge. One is, you may beam with pride and think the opposite person is inferior in knowledge. Or you may assume that the other person possesses the same amount of knowledge and the meeting ends in a abrupt way. Both situations are dangerous and can end professional relationships. Now, considering the case study, how do you send the proposal?

How To Write The Perfect Client Proposal For Your Digital Marketing Company?

It should be perfect. To the dot. There is no need to fill more info. Just consider the situation. The concerned person, who checks emails also has other duties to perform. He/she wants to complete selection of the best professional digital marketing agency in one shot. They allot less time to check every proposal and the achievements. So many pages of proposal will definitely find the way to the trash bin. The best way is to display the knowledge you own in a effective way, so that the proposal gets selected. 

The best way is to divide the points, sentences into sections. Now add color to the highlights. Ensure that you include titles such as timeline, financial profits and targets.

Mistake 3: OverQuote/UnderQuote

Solution: Maintain a clear tactic on prices

How can you get the concerned person to tick your company profile?

It is pure business. Period. Any company will settle for the digital marketing company which gives the best results and the best prices. Yes, experience plays a major part. The price will vary as per the company. It is pure business sense you should not give a high quote to a medium size company. The opposite is also true. To make the deal, you should not lower the price for a big corporate company which has the ability to pay the high bills. To make the hook, you should show in the proposal the value for money. 

Will we imagine two occasions?

You are sending a proposal to a doorstep repair service company which provides top services for microwave oven repair in Hyderabad. They are a popular handyman company who provide top qualify professionals for not only electronic home appliances but also service for mobile repair in Hyderabad. The company is popular all over the city. They needed a digital marketing proposal where they can show off their services to the right audiences to reach more number of people. 

You can definitely quote them a good price. But in the proposal, to make the pricing seem appropriate, you need to show the amount of skilled level employees in your organization, their performance on the revenue and the number of hours your company will work on the project. By this method you can definitely show the prospective company, reason for the high prices. 

But how about reducing the prices for a company which is going up the ladder? Let us imagine they are low on budget. Yet you feel to take their proposal because their services and products are good. You feel, the name of your company will rise high if the proposal is on a low price. By all means, go ahead. But keep the contract clean with specifications. If you have various successful clients and can pay the salaries, pick the company. But ask your employees not to compromise on quality, because of the low budget. Keep the client on the loop about many profits.

Mistake 4: JustCheck If Your Approach Is Wrong

Solution: Prepare a brief client questionnaire before starting on your proposal

There are times when every factor is perfect, but the proposal was wrong. The main reason, there is a code for every business - Hear the words properly. And never, never interrupt the client during a conversation. When you receive a proposal from the client, read the lines carefully. Then ponder over. If possible, call a meeting. Because words are not just words. You need to understand the business sense. 

After receiving the proposal, have a discussion with the team on what the client requires. Maybe, your team can come up with excellent suggestions. And prepare the proposal and pricing according to the client’s need. 

There is another way to resolve this problem. When you get the proposal, make a call to the client and speak about their requirements. Or else make a call and send a questionnaire. The company will then tick the needed requirements. Also, if their proposal does not mention revenue or targets, ensure you get them to fix the perfect quote and price.

Mistake 5: Authoritative

Solution: Make the perfect show of your expertise 

Yes, because you are new, the stakes are high. Competition intense. There are more professional companies with years of experience. But, remember, never feel inferior. You are a new and small company, so the low fees can dent your proposal. In similar cases, follow these techniques.

Take time to put forward a professional template with the perfect price. The client’s management will not get swayed by other points. 

Give the option of selection two to three packages. This will make them feel that you have good knowledge.

Do not forget to give the money-back assurance. This move will not only impart trust, but they can understand you know the ifs and buts of the business.

If it is a local business :-
  • Talk with your local clients and get their permission to include their names. 
  • You can also add testimonials and images of some of the clients.

If you are reaching for a national or regional client :-
  • You can include testimonials of businesses that are popular
  • Include links of some of the popular businesses
  • You can include the tools in use for the project. Paid tools will be better.
  • Put in-puts of data that will be useful. 

Kindly understand the difference between proposal and plan. First comes the plan. The proposal comes after. The situation is, when a company contact you about the packages. 


These are some of the simple methods to trim your proposals and get the best prospective clients. Do you feel that we lack in some points? Then please feel free to intimate us. 

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