How Can I build an Adult Startup

You must have heard of fintech, edtech and healthtech. Are you familiar with Sextech? It’s a booming industry. By 2020, its market worth is projected to amount to $50 billion. Let me tell you something – people and investors are receptive to condom ads on Facebook and Viagra ads on television. Unfortunately, they aren’t receptive to sextech startups. Many worthy adult startups do not receive funding from investors. This can be attributed to our conflicted attitude towards sex. Sex is still considered taboo. More often than not, people associate it with shame, ignorance, guilt and embarrassment.

Before understanding and exploring various market opportunities in this industry, let’s first acquaint ourselves with the definition of sextech.


Sextech entails technology driven innovations which disrupt and enhance human sexual experiences. By virtue of this definition, the first porn movie which was ever shot in the history of mankind –Le Coucher de la Mariee’ can be considered a path breaking entertainer. The movie was shot by two French directors. It was released in 1896. 

Why are adult startups in sextech important?

Make no mistake- porn andsextech are different in their entirety. There are many ills under the umbrella of porn industry. Right from sex trafficking, sex abuse, sexual violence and unwanted pregnancies to intolerance towards women, porn is responsible for many perils.

Adult startups in sextech industry are doing their best to address such issues perpetuated by porn in a healthy manner. In essence, sextech industry is trying to change and challenge the status quo by leveraging technology. They are banking on innovation.

Let’s now understand the different market segments.

Market Segments

For all intents and purposes, there are three market segments in sextech:
  1. Online dating
  2. Sex
  3. Ethical porn

Enlisted below are categories in the online dating segment:
  • Classic dating
  • Intimate dating

Enlisted below are categories in the sex segment:
  • Sex for money
  • Sex for education
  • Sex for entertainment
  • Sexual services
  • Long distance sex
  • Sex powered by AI and IoT (Internet of Things)

And of course, there’s ethical porn which is different from the porn on popular tube sites (Xvideos, Pornhub, etc.)

Areas of Application: Examples

Makelovenotporn:Cindy Gallop is the founder of this sextech adult startup. She is on an ambitious mission to make audiences and the internet more receptive to sex. Porn shouldn’t become the de-facto channel for sex education. Her adult startup creates socially acceptable and sharable sexual content.

HappyPlayTime: This is a gaming app designed by Tina Gong. 

The purpose of this gaming app is to remove the stigma around female masturbation. While young women are the primary audience of this app, men of all ages are its secondary audience. In other words, men love watching women masturbating!

Lovecrave: This is an honest attempt at changing the way women experience sex toys

Vibease: Very often, young and married couples are forced to work in different countries. This may take a toll on their sex life. Vibease was created to address this issue and helps couples maintain a healthy long-distance relationship.

Slixa: This is a professional escorts booking service platform aimed at revolutionizing private entertainment.

MysteryVibe: This was created to help people explore their bodies. The startup, through its flagship vibrators, is creating personalized pleasurable experiences. The intensity of each motor in vibrators can be controlled by using the MysteryVibe app.


It’s important to have an understanding of various hurdles and challenges involved. Here is a brief run-down on the same.

Challenge #1: Collaboration & Engagement

People love to work with startups. However, people often distance themselves from adult startups.Video hosting firms may reject your adult content. There’s a way to address this challenge – You can approach those who have prior experience in working with adult startups. 

There are quite a few placement firms which cater to adult niche. You can collaborate with them on a project basis. 

Be informed that collaboration in six functions – Sales, marketing, supply chain (right manufacturing to tertiary sales), finance, technology and brandingis mandatory. 

Challenge #2: Taboos

For all intents and purposes, adult startups should redefine sex and intimacy. Technology can act an as enabler in this regard.Entrepreneurs should have the hunger to break deeply rooted taboos. Informative content which is not only thought-provoking but also fun and insightful should be used across all channels to perpetuate positivity.

Typical click bait titles such as ‘How to give a hand job toyour horny boyfriend’ should be avoided. To provide quality and pertinent content, it’s important to do in-depth researchon four important areas–society, economy, culture and technology. It takes significant time to develop quality content but believe me, returns are amazing!

Challenge #3: Financial Hurdles

Venture capitalists aren’t receptive to adult startups. So, it’s not a safe strategy to bet your chances on venture capital and seed funding. But there are other options such as crowdfunding, self-funding and angel investing.

Words of Wisdom
  • When you are hiring young workforce, check whether the recruits are passionate about adult industry. 
  • Content should be inspiring. Is your content providing value? If the answer is in affirmative, you are on the right tack
  • Give yourselves a buffer time of at-least 6 months. In this industry, it’s tough to convince angel investors and industry influencers within 6 months.
  • Ethical Porn

Ethical porn is known by another name – fair trade porn. Ethical porn entails various aspectssuch as celebrating diverse personalities, treating porn performers with respect, absence of abusive porn content etc. It encourages and promotes natural body interactions.

People often ask me this question – how to start a porn website? I suggest them to start an ethical porn site. Here is a checklist of factors:

Performer Consent Policy
  • DVD subscription and premium membership
  • 2257 regulation compliance
  • Watermarks and banners
  • Performer profiles

Free porn is hardly ethical. Free porn often coerces performers to feature in abusive and extremely controversial fetishes. Amateur free porn is partly to be blamed. Porn with no Performer Consent policy is unethical. 

Do not encourage piracy. All your videos should be watermarked. Your website should display the stage names of performer profiles. To start your own ethical porn website, purchase porn tube scripts such as xStreamer. It has a bundle of features such as the following:
  • Sophisticated video player
  • Scalable architecture
  • Multiple monetization options
  • Multiple payment features
  • Fully responsive themed templates
  • User engagement tools
  • Advanced meta tagging provisions
  • Multiple video formats support
  • HTML 5 video fallback
  • Multiple streaming back ends

To learn more about its features, visit xStreamer now.

Let’s hope that biggies like Apple and Google open up their respective app store for adult apps. Let’s hope that porn tube script help passionate prospects build ethical porn sites.

Found this post on How can I build an adult startup useful and informative? Keep watching this space for insights on emerging trends in sextech and porn. If you have any queries, shoot them in the comments section. I shall reply in a day or two. My best wishes are with you and your adult startup. Cheers!

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