Merits of memory foam mattress over innerspring mattress

The Benjamin

The two most famous options that come to your mind while buying a mattress are memory foam mattress and innerspring mattress. Both have their merits and demerits. It’s difficult to choose between these two as both have an established market. Memory foam mattress has become more popular because of their comfort. The springs in innerspring mattress become uncomfortable due to springs, when they get old.  So the question arises why do people prefer memory foam mattress over innerspring mattresses?

Many people claim that sleeping on a memory foam mattress provides more comfort a compare to innerspring mattress. This is because of memory foam mattress conform to your body shape, it contours to your body shape, and lying on it provides support to your spine by keeping it align. Innerspring mattresses don’t provide this sport of comfort and support to your body. In innerspring mattresses, your pressure points lead improper blood circulation. This cause you unrest while sleeping, you may wake up with soreness and pains. Innerspring mattresses are like a trampoline, the pressure you put on it, it will bend inwards.  The life of these mattresses is increased with shock absorbers. Memory foam is the extra firm mattress.

When it comes to maintenance, an innerspring mattress needs to be more maintained as compare to a memory foam mattress. The former needs to be flipped after every month, to avoid wear and bumps on these mattresses, while you don’t need to slip in case of memory foam mattress. No doubt, memory foam mattress is more convenient as compare to innerspring. Having a quality sleep is very important in your life. So while buying a mattress, make sure it provides you support and comfort.